Elevate Your Pet's Well-being with Our Mushroom Mix!

Discover a new level of vitality for your furry companion with our specialised medicinal mushroom testing service. I’ll identify the mushrooms that resonate with your pet and create a personalised blend tailored to their unique needs.

How It Works:

  1. Remote Testing: I’ll identify the mushrooms that best support your pet’s health.
  2. Tailored Mushroom Mix: Receive a personalized blend lasting 50 days, carefully crafted for optimal well-being.
  3. Expert Advice: I’ll advise you on feeding levels to ensure maximum benefit.

🍃 Why Choose Our Mushroom Mix?

  • Remote Testing: Stress-free testing to identify your pet’s specific needs.
  • Extended Supply: A 50-day mix for sustained support.
  • Animal-Friendly: Suitable for dogs, cats and horses.

🌿 Benefits of Our Mushroom Mix:

  • Targeted Support: Address health concerns and supplement daily nutrition.
  • Prime Humic Acid Blend: Enhances nutrient absorption and acts as a carrier for optimal benefits.


  • Dog/cat up to 15kg:         34.95€ (plus 6.95€ shipping)
  • Dog between 15 – 30kg:  41.95€ (plus 6.95€ shipping)
  • Dog over 30kg:                  49.95€ (plus 6.95€ shipping)

Booking / Enquiries

I’d love to talk to you!

Tel. (+353)87 9009641
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