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Specialist in skin allergies through the use of nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, tissue salts, energy healing and more.

🐾 Welcome, Pet Parent! 🐾

Is your pet battling a chronic illness? Are you seeking natural approaches to help your furry friend gently and long lasting?

I am here to provide guidance and compassionate, holistic  support. My mission is to help you on this journey to bring comfort and happiness back to your loyal companion.

If you have questions or concerns about your chronically sick pet, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I am just a phone call, text or email away. Let’s work together to make your pet’s tail wag again! 

Hi, I’m Hanka,

With over a decade of experience in conventional veterinary practice, I made a conscious decision to move into naturopathic medicine a few years ago, and I’ve never looked back. 

I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table, including certifications as a small animal nutritionist, veterinary homeopath, phytotherapist and in-depth knowledge of medicinal mushrooms, Schuessler salts and energy medicine.

My journey into holistic healing was fuelled by personal tragedy. After my best friend died of cancer at the age of 37, I felt an urgent need to understand the root causes of disease and discover gentle, long-lasting healing methods. I became a passionate researcher, initially focusing on human health, but soon extending my knowledge to the benefit of our beloved pets.

I believe in treating the whole animal, not just the symptoms. I’ve had heartfelt conversations with countless clients and witnessed the limitations and side effects of synthetic drugs. I understand what you and your pet really need. 

My mission is to help chronically ill dogs and cats to get better.

My vision is to empower pet owners to proactively keep their beloved companions healthy and effectively manage minor health issues. Through online courses, seminars and workshops, I’m delighted to share my expertise in naturopathy with pet parents like you. 

With your furry friend’s wellbeing at the heart of everything I do, join me on a journey into the amazing world of natural pet healthcare.

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I’d love to talk to you!
Tel. (+353)87 9009641

What they say

Claudia Wagner
"Great care for my dog. Hanka takes a lot of time for people and dogs. She looks holistically at the animal and has great expertise. I would recommend her anytime. Thank you very much."
Anna Simmer
" Great advices, fantastic and fast service! Absolutely trustful and professional. I will recommend her every time and continue to follow her advices!!"
@rainbow hexe
Hanka Fahey is such a highly skilled Naturopathic Vet🌟I am so very grateful to her, as she took extra care, time and patience with the advice & treatment of my 8 year old Cat Shadow-Girly😻 She was suffering from a severe Skin Abscess, and the final healing took a longer time. Hanka is so dedicated and kind and even checked up on my Cat, being on vaccation abroad. Thanks a Million dear Hanka💝🙏🏻💐You are amazing and 'One of a Kind' Vet🤩 I'm so glad we found you🍀
Lucy G.
I loved the course with a broad easy to understand content to help us to be better parents to our pets. It gives me a good grounding to help my pets with the little mishaps in life without stressing to much. Thank you, Hanka. Looking forward to another course.
Carmen T.
If you want to become more empowered with how to care for your dog at home, using remedies that are accessible and would often already be in your home, I would highly recommend Hanka's course. Really enjoyable, interactive and so educational.
Tina P.
I loved this course! It was easy to understand and not too overwealming. I can put what I learned into practice. I have already used my homeopathy kit. A lot of the suggested remedies are cheap to buy. We got material to use for future reference and could ask lots of questions. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone who wants to have a basic knowledge of first aid for their own pets.

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