Energy Healing with the
Emotion Body Code
by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Are you looking to support your pet’s emotional well-being and overall health?

Look no further than the Emotion Body Code: Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, this approach recognizes the profound connection between emotions and physical health in animals and people.

Using this remote energetic healing technique, I will be able to identify and release any trapped or hidden emotions in your furry friend. 

✨How It Works:

  1. You tell me your pet’s story by email and ask any questions you have.
  2. Send me the name and a clear photo of your pet (and the date of birth if possible).
  3. Using my bio-tensor and a magnet, I uncover and release the trapped emotions remotely.

  4. I am able to remove up to 10 blockages at a time, so it remains tolerable.


  • With the convenience of remote consultations, you can access this transformative care from anywhere in the world, without the need for travel or disruption to your pet’s routine.
  • You will receive feedback by email, telling you what imbalances have been found and how many follow-up sessions are needed.
  • Whether your pet is experiencing anxiety, stress, or physical ailments, this holistic approach can offer profound benefits for their overall wellness. 

🐾Fee: 45€ (follow-up: 25€)

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