Homeopathy with
Emotion Body Code

Does your pet experience anxiety, stress or physical discomfort? Would you like to improve your pet’s emotional and overall health?

Look no further than a homeopathic consultation combined with an Emotion Body Code session: Homeopathy offers gentle and natural help for various health concerns, while the Emotion Body Code recognises the deep connection between emotions and physical health in animals and humans.

By using homeopathic remedies in conjunction with the remote energetic healing technique, I will be able to address any imbalances in your pet’s vital energy and identify and release any trapped or hidden emotions in your furry friend.

✨How It Works:

  1. Once you have booked an appointment, I will send you a questionnaire. This will help me to get to know your pet, its lifestyle, personality, diet and any problems it may have.
  2. I start with the Emotion Body Code, using my bio-tensor and a magnet to remotely identify and release trapped emotions.
  3. We then have a chat of about 1 hour via phone or video call on Zoom or Whatsapp.
  4. Afterwards I’ll post you a suitable homeopathic remedy.


  • With the convenience of remote consultations, you can access this transformative care from anywhere in the world, without the need to travel or disrupt your pet’s routine.
  • You will receive feedback during the session telling you what imbalances have been found using the Emotion Body Code.
  • Whether your pet is experiencing anxiety, stress or physical discomfort, this holistic approach combining the Emotion Body Code and Homeopathy can offer profound benefits to their overall wellbeing.

🐾Fee: 150€ (follow-up: 100€) incl. homeopathic remedy and EBC report

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